Al Arkan: Your One-Stop Shop for Convenience and Quality

If you’re looking for convenience, excellent customer service, high quality products, and reliability then Al Arkan should be your go-to option. It’s not limited to these aspects as there are a lot more that increase their customers’ loyalty and attachment to the brand. To start with, Al Arkan is trading several things not limited to spare parts only but a lot more such as engine parts, car accessories… etc. Also, Al Arkan is one stop shop, which refers to a business with a wide range of products that are all available in one location or through an e-commerce platform. There are numerous benefits for having a one stop shop such as convenience, time-saving, cost-effective, and streamlined operations. It’s convenient because it provides the ease of finding everything in one place without making it hectic to navigate multiple channels (Stores or websites). Further, it saves time by eliminating the need to check several locations or websites to get the desired item. It’s also cost-effective due to offering competitive prices and discounts for bundled products which helps customers to save mone in the long-run. For the streamlined operations point, it simplifies operations as being a one stop shop that reduces overhead costs through consolidating supplies and resources.  

Worldwide Delivery for a Wider Customer Base

Al Arkan is also your go-to option because of the guaranteed original spare parts. These spare parts of vehicles such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Toyota are traded by Al Arkan. Thus, you will guarantee original parts because Al Arkan doesn’t partner with any brand unless prominent one. Guaranteeing original parts also increases customer satisfaction because you ensure high quality, reliability, durability, having warranties, and safety. Using original parts ensures that your vehicle will function as expected and will reduce the risk of failure. In comparison, the counterfeit parts can result in accidents or injuries, and they are not tested to meet safety standards like the original parts. Also, original parts will last-longer than counterfeit parts, which saves money in the long-run by decreasing the need for on-going repairs or replacements. For that reason, Al Arkan is well-known for prioritizing safety above anything else. In addition to guaranteeing original parts, there is an available tax free in the free zone area in Dubai, and this increases the purchasing power which then boosts the economy. 

Professional Team and Customer Support

Al Arkan provides you worldwide delivery, so you can order whatever you want with just a click of a button. It’s an opportunity to gain a wider customer base, which leads to a boost in sales. It’s also very flexible and convenient to customers that gives Al Arkan a strength and a competitive advantage over competitors. Furthermore, it enhances brand image as it shows how the company is committed to provide good customer service. It improves overall efficiency through economies of scale as shipping larger volumes of products to more destinations reduces shipping cost per unit and the overall cost. On the other hand, Al Arkan also has physical stores in both Oman and Dubai.Adding to the points above, the company gained certificates for being the best Toyota dealer. It also has a very professional and competent team to handle all customer complaints and support customers in any concern they face as Al Arkan appreciates its customers and listens to their feedback for continuous improvement. It has also an A-to-Z process from warehouse packing till the delivery to customers’ door step. 

Achieving Sustainability Goals through ERP and SAP Systems

What is more special about Al Arkan is concentrating on technological advancement as it applied ERP and SAP systems, and this resulted in higher customer service due to following their complaints and being able to handle them on the spot. Relating this to sustainability, Al Arkan invested in ERP system SAP B1 in 2015, which gave an opportunity to the company to automate many manual processes, streamlined use, and less work done by workers, and this made an effective impact on employees which incredibly eliminated the obstacles in economic growth. The system also facilitated working on creating long-term economic development while still generating profits which achieved the SDG of the United nation, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. Two years later, the company implemented a warehouse management system linked with the ERP system. This resulted in becoming paperless along with an automated warehouse process. In result, there is less damage to the environment which is achieving the SDG of “Climate Action”. Also, it helped the company to expedite all the processes, and it also managed workers’ well-being. These are related to economic and environmental sustainability, but for the social one, Al Arkan focused on hiring a diverse staff, concentrating on workers’ wellbeing, and providing them with health care so that the livelihood of employees is improved, and this falls under UN’s sustainable goal, “Good Health and Well-being”.  Lastly, Al Arkan helps in building “Sustainable Cities and Communities” as it provides customers with genuine auto spare parts, and this increases customers’ loyalty and their awareness towards having a better environment, which is also one of the UN’s sustainable development goals.