Ensuring the Right Spare Part

For purchasing the right spare parts, it’s essential to ensure that you’re buying the most convenient part to your vehicle. Check the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the model of the vehicle so you can be able to get the correct part. You have to buy the automotive spare parts from reputable and trustable suppliers so that you can guarantee high-quality parts designed specifically for your vehicle. Checking for warranties are important as well. If the spare parts come with warranties, this ensures protection in case of having a sudden failure in the parts. There is also a very critical point before purchasing which is comparing prices and quality from different suppliers. However, you shouldn’t prioritize a lower price as it might end up having a very low-quality product that will eventually cost you more due to continuous repairs.

Avoiding Counterfeit Spare Parts

Further, always be aware of counterfeit automotive spare parts, as it will cause a safety risk due to not working as expected. Thus, as mentioned before it’s extremely crucial to purchase from authorized dealers and reputable suppliers to ensure that the parts are genuine and real. If you recognize anything wrong with the part that needs to be replaced, don’t postpone replacement until the last minute. Waiting for the part to arrive will cause a longer equipment’s idle time. On the other hand, you should plan ahead and order spare parts so that they are available when needed. Compatibility is another important thing as you should always check the compatibility between the spare parts you’re purchasing and your vehicle’s existing systems and components. So, this will let you avoid issues with installation. Consult with experts such as automotive technicians or authorized dealers when you’re unsure about which spare part to buy or its installation. Valuable advice and guidance will then be provided to secure selecting and installing the right part.  

Understanding OEM and Aftermarket Parts

You must also differentiate the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and the aftermarket parts. The company that makes your vehicle’s original parts is the same one that designs and manufactures OEM parts. OEM are more expensive than the aftermarket ones, but they are higher in quality and compatibility. Conversely, aftermarket parts are made by third-party companies. The quality and compatibility will differ from the OEM, in which quality won’t be the same and there will be compatibility issues. Also, before purchasing the automotive spare parts, checking for any recalls that may affect your vehicle is important so that it won’t be urgent to replace the part with a new one that meets the updated criteria. 

Future Planning

It’s better to avoid used parts by any means. They may be less expensive, but they’re not very reliable because they don’t have the same lifespan as the new parts. The new parts will last for a longer time. Shipping and delivery times are very important to take care of. Thus, if you need an urgent part, you should put in mind the quickest shipping options to reduce downtime. Lastly, keep an eye on maintenance and repairs of your vehicle as well as the parts that are replaced. That is because it will help you plan ahead for repairs and part replacement in the future. Through following these tips, you can surely guarantee that you’re buying the right automotive spare parts for your vehicle, which will be more reliable and will last longer. 

How can you identify genuine spare parts traded by Al-Arkan from counterfeit ones?


 Fonts of genuine products are more intact and prominent. 

The package 

Packaging of genuine products is more of good material and fonts are more clear.


 Barcodes are very important and genuine barcodes are scannable which gives the right product code.


 When the package is open, consumers can identify the material and design of products of a high quality and lower quality with slight differences in the design as well.